Jun. 2nd, 2017

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I just ran across an advertisement slightly spammily posted to the Nextdoor blog for the neighborhood. Their mattresses are so good, they claim, "It's like sleeping on brioche."

I do get where they were trying to go with this, and yes, brioche is tender and luxurious as breads go, but really, does anyone not read this and mentally leap to crumbs in the bed? Of all the soft and cushy things in the world, baked goods is what they thought people would want to sleep on? Or maybe that's just me and plenty of people routinely look at their food and think it might be nice to nap on it.

I am working from home today- had a gas meter safety inspection, so needed to be home this afternoon. The office manager said that since it was Friday, I might as well just work from home and not come in for just a few hours. Of course, I got a call to do some mold sampling at 6 am Monday, so I had to run in to the office after all to get equipment. But I am back home now, the gas guy has come and gone, and now I just have to try and get back to report writing when it's so beautiful out that I just want to go out and do yard work. (I will do some later, though it will mean making report writing tomorrow. That seems more sensible that doing all the yard work in one big batch).

Sigh, back to work.


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