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I'm still alive, though I realize that might not be obvious after a 15 month hiatus. Am migrating over to dreamwidth with everyone else, though I will still cross-post for now.

I'm not going to promise to start posting regularly, because that obviously didn't work so well last time.

But I figured I should at least be able to manage doing a post when I do any traveling- that's pretty minimal, right?

I just did my first work trip of the year- a very quick jaunt out to Louisville on Thursday, and back the next morning, to do some sampling around an odor complaint from a client.

After the sampling, I asked the phone if there were any walking trails nearby, because it was really gorgeous out- Louisville is a good few weeks ahead of Boston spring-wise, and all the trees were fully leafed out it, and everything was generally more green and lush. The phone pointed me at a trail just a few minutes away, in Anchorage, KY, which turns out to be the super-ritzy Louisville suburb where all the rich people live.

Maybe because of that, the 2 mile loop trail was really gorgeous.

Here is a picture (since dw has limited storage, I'm posting small versions of the photos. If you click on them you can see them in a more reasonable size.)

I saw this guy and a friend not 15 feet away as I was almost back to the car:

Then I got went to the hotel, had a long hot bath, went out and had a hamburger and a beer, and came back and collapsed into bed, because the night before I'd come out of some after hours sampling and found my car wouldn't start, and so didn't end up getting home till after 1 am the night before my flight.

Friday morning, there was a amazing sunrise I headed for my gate to fly home to Boston:

Now am back home, and way too far behind on yardwork.


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