Jul. 31st, 2017 09:12 pm
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Wow, I'm not doing so well with this posting thing, am I? Technically I'll have managed to post in both June and July, but just barely either way.

It feels like it's been really busy two months, But it's mostly just been work and small day to day things, and there really isn't all that much to tell that's still interesting well after the fact. Here are the few things that seem worth recounting.

1) I finally have the porch floor painted! Of course, I forgot to sand and prep the threshold between the kitchen and the porch, so I still need to go back and do that, with my last tiny bit of primer and paint. Then I need to do some final cleanup, and get some rugs, and also let the paint cure for a bit, and then I will finally have a usable porch again after years.

2) Will try to get down and visit my parents this weekend; it's been a ridiculously long time since I've last been down there (they've been coming up here instead). I still have a comp day due for working a weekend in June, will have to see if it's too short notice to take on Sunday or Monday. My mother says she has old rugs to give me for the porch till I find something better- no idea what she has in mind.

3) Have finally heard back about some of the long pending work trips. I was rather hoping to get the Denver sampling scheduled for a Friday or Monday so I could spend a weekend out there, but they want to do it on a Wednesday. But I am still hopeful of being able to get the San Francisco sampling scheduled for the same trip, because really, having to come back to Boston between the two just makes no sense, especially since the SF sampling will take only a couple of hours.

And no, I won't be out there week of the eclipse- I was briefly hopeful that I could go out a bit early and be in the 90% coverage area, but looks like I'll just be here in Boston where it's going to be low 60s% (assuming it's not just cloudy in one or both places).

4) Just before the 4th of July, I made it down to see the Constitution in dry dock, and then wandered over to the USS Cassin Young, where I was lucky enough to catch a tour (they don't have times posted, I just had lucky timing). If you are local, I recommend the tour. They take you onto the upper and lower decks, which you can't get into on your own, and let you poke into a bunch of extra rooms.

Have some photos:

The Constitution in drydock as seen from the upper deck of the Cassin Young

Random artsy shot down some torpedo tubes.

Tour Guide letting folks aim the guns.
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I just ran across an advertisement slightly spammily posted to the Nextdoor blog for the neighborhood. Their mattresses are so good, they claim, "It's like sleeping on brioche."

I do get where they were trying to go with this, and yes, brioche is tender and luxurious as breads go, but really, does anyone not read this and mentally leap to crumbs in the bed? Of all the soft and cushy things in the world, baked goods is what they thought people would want to sleep on? Or maybe that's just me and plenty of people routinely look at their food and think it might be nice to nap on it.

I am working from home today- had a gas meter safety inspection, so needed to be home this afternoon. The office manager said that since it was Friday, I might as well just work from home and not come in for just a few hours. Of course, I got a call to do some mold sampling at 6 am Monday, so I had to run in to the office after all to get equipment. But I am back home now, the gas guy has come and gone, and now I just have to try and get back to report writing when it's so beautiful out that I just want to go out and do yard work. (I will do some later, though it will mean making report writing tomorrow. That seems more sensible that doing all the yard work in one big batch).

Sigh, back to work.


Apr. 29th, 2017 10:50 pm
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I'm still alive, though I realize that might not be obvious after a 15 month hiatus. Am migrating over to dreamwidth with everyone else, though I will still cross-post for now.

I'm not going to promise to start posting regularly, because that obviously didn't work so well last time.

But I figured I should at least be able to manage doing a post when I do any traveling- that's pretty minimal, right?

I just did my first work trip of the year- a very quick jaunt out to Louisville on Thursday, and back the next morning, to do some sampling around an odor complaint from a client.

After the sampling, I asked the phone if there were any walking trails nearby, because it was really gorgeous out- Louisville is a good few weeks ahead of Boston spring-wise, and all the trees were fully leafed out it, and everything was generally more green and lush. The phone pointed me at a trail just a few minutes away, in Anchorage, KY, which turns out to be the super-ritzy Louisville suburb where all the rich people live.

Maybe because of that, the 2 mile loop trail was really gorgeous.

Here is a picture (since dw has limited storage, I'm posting small versions of the photos. If you click on them you can see them in a more reasonable size.)

I saw this guy and a friend not 15 feet away as I was almost back to the car:

Then I got went to the hotel, had a long hot bath, went out and had a hamburger and a beer, and came back and collapsed into bed, because the night before I'd come out of some after hours sampling and found my car wouldn't start, and so didn't end up getting home till after 1 am the night before my flight.

Friday morning, there was a amazing sunrise I headed for my gate to fly home to Boston:

Now am back home, and way too far behind on yardwork.
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Am posting this just in case you see it. Your letter from July 15 did not arrive till this past week, so there was for me to get it touch w/ you in writing before you came back to the States. I don't have a current email or phone number for you anymore, so didn't know how else to reach you on relatively short notice.

I don't know that I could make it down to see you at this point- it would have to be on Saturday before you left, and Pittsburgh is 10 hours from Boston, so that's pretty far. But if you see this, please drop me an email (you can use eanja @ livejournal . com if you don't remember the other one), in case something is still doable.
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Double happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] majes and [livejournal.com profile] fishstickmarie!

May you both have a doubly good year!
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Here are the promised pictures of flowers I saw in Texas. This are all from more or less the Galveston area, and I have no idea what any of them are, and whether they are native wild-flowers, or escaped garden plants. If any of you happen to know, please tell me.

Cut to not clog your page w/ photos )


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